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The GIDROKOR brand has been on the construction market since 1995. The Water-Insulation Laboratory of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of the Panfilov Public Utilities Academy emerged as the basis for incorporation of the OOO Gidrokor engineering-and-construction company. Since its inception, the Company’s core operations have focused on the application of advanced waterproofing technology in civil and industrial construction.

Construction Company Gidrokor Ltd. is a fully-independent structural unit, founded in 2008 on the basis of the physical infrastructure and human resources of the previous organization.

Scope of Company operations:
effective protection of structures and installations from natural and industrial water sources, and the reliable insulation of environmental-pollution sources.

The Company conducts:

  • survey work (pre-construction topographical surveys, geo-technical surveys, technical status monitoring, inspections of the soil underlying the foundations and structural elements of buildings and installations);
  • engineering design of foundations and supports, waterproofing and construction of building and installation sub-structures;
  • design and assembly of impervious membranes for production, refining and storage facilities in the oil, chemical, gas, mining and metallurgy industries, collectors for agricultural waste and runoff, artificial reservoirs;
  • design and construction of production- and consumption-waste landfills, including municipal residential solid-waste (RSW) landfills and landfills for various classifications of hazardous industrial waste;
  • general construction and waterproofing in projects involving the construction of multi-level underground installations using modern materials and technologies;
  • work involving firm, soft (retractable) roof installation, including accessible roof areas;
  • supplying of geosynthetic materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. 

As a member of self-governing organizations such as NPO St. Petersburg Builders Association, NPO Association of Design Engineers, and NPO Association of Surveyors, the Company holds the requisite permits for the work it conducts. Moreover, the Company holds a Russian Federation Ministry of Culture License to engage in restoration work on cultural heritage sites (historic and cultural landmarks).

The Company’s General Director (O.I. Gladstein) and Technical Engineering Department (TED) Head (E.N. Maslova) have both earned their PhD in Technical Sciences.

The Company’s staff specialists have been decorated with several honorary awards:

“Honorary Constructor of Russia” Medal:

- General Director O.I. Gladstein,

- Deputy General Director A.Y. Markov,

- Chief Engineer N.V. Timofeev,

- Planning and Design Office Head S.V. Bogdanov;

“Constructor of St. Petersburg” Honorary Medal, 2nd Class:
Deputy General Director A.Y. Markov, Deputy General Director A.V. Grigoriev;
“Construction Glory” Honorary Medal: TED Head E.N. Maslova, Deputy Chief Engineer V.V. Kravtsov.

The Company’s “arsenal” includes advanced technologies and cutting-edge geosynthetic materials from the world’s leading manufacturers for hydro, industrial and civil construction projects – geomembranes made of high-density (HDPE) and low-density (LDPE) polyethylene, bentonitic mats; progressive roofing systems, permeating components, “injector-systems,” and many more.

  • The Company is a corporate member of the International Association of Geosynthetics Installers (IAGI) and the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS);
  • Methodical research has resulted in the joint-development with colleagues at the Vedeneev All-Russia Hydro-Engineering Research Institute and the St. Petersburg Research Institute of the Panfilov Public-Utilities Academy of  “Recommendations on the Design and Construction of Impervious Membranes Using Polymer Geomembranes”,  which also reflect the requirements of international standards and norms – particularly, the “Standard Procedure for Ensuring Quality When Installing Geomembrane” developed by the International Association of Geosynthetics Installers (IAGI).
  • Partners – suppliers of progressive geosynthetic materials and the world’s leading manufacturers – SOLMAX International Inc. (Canada), GSE Lining Technology GmbH (Germany), NAUE GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Albarrie Canada Ltd.
    Since 2001, GIDROKOR has been the solely-authorized contractor and representative of Solmax International Inc. in Russia and the CIS.
  • The polymer welding technology developed by GIDROKOR has been accredited by the National Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding (NAKS). The Company’s welding equipment has received NAKS testing certificates and GOST R certifications. All personnel engaged in welding operations involving polymer structures have been accredited by the NAKS Northwest Regional Main Testing Center: Level III Welders – welding technicians, Level II Welders – master welders, all welding workers – accredited Level I Welders.

*Since March 2011, an on-site Testing Center under the auspices of the NWR GATs-I ANO Northwest Regional Inter-Industry Accreditation Center has been operating at OOO CC Gidrokor, providing pre-accreditation and accreditation services to Level I Welders.

  • Today, the total area of geomembrane impervious membranes assembled by GIDROKOR specialists equals 12 mln m².

The work conducted by OOO CC Gidrokor is driven by the high degree of professional expertise demonstrated by its employees and evidenced by its many years of market success, site “geography,” multiple tender victories and positive customer endorsements. 

Since 1996, GIDROKOR has been successfully promoting the use of progressive technology in industrial and civil construction, and has become the acknowledged leader on the Russian and CIS markets in the design and construction of impervious membranes and waterproofing installations involving the application of geosynthetic materials.

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